Hmmmm…Thoughts at bed time. Saved to Drafts?

Well by now you can probably tell I’m not a big blogger. My time is limited but I sometimes forget the discipline of sitting down and just writing stuff down.
Last night after shutting off my phone, I had a thought so i decided I’d write down. Turned on the phone & tapped it out. I saved it to drafts for the purpose of perhaps editing it or expanding on it.
Well, it turns out, it didn’t save! I did this once before and I noticed that draft didn’t save either! Or so I thought. I discovered you have to hit the refresh icon or update. Whichever its called. It wasn’t anything outstanding.
The second, from last night was a thought which was looking more like a poem for or about my wife.
I’m not going to crank that out now but I will say, I think our best thoughts and emotions come to us when we’re getting ready for sleep!
That happens often for me. If I took the time to tap them out I’d likely have a post every day or so!
That would probably make this blog more interesting.
My most profound thoughts and emotions come out at bed time when my mind is attempting to relax and drift off to LA LA land! I find though, it doesn’t want to rest as quickly as I do, so off it goes and reflects over the events of my day and the issues, concerns or stressfull moments of the day. Again I believe we all do that. Its something that’s been going on all my life!
I think when you’re unencumbered by the activities of the day you are able to harness your mental energies and do your best writing!
So…if you are stressed, moved by something significant. Grab a pen or turn on your phone write it down and put it out there! If you’re going to second guess yourself…make sure you save it to draft!
Paper doesn’t make the error of not cooperating! 

Have a great day all! 🙂


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