Thanks For The Views.

It’s no surprise that the majority of views come from Canada. It is a Canadian interest story.
Thank you all for taking a look.
I hope for Brian Burke’s sake and his family, the allegations aren’t true. He’s had a rough time of it with the lose of his son in a car accident and marital issues.
I will say, if true, I have no sympathy for cheating spouses. I can only hope he can repair the damage done within his marriage and move on, and honorably do the right thing by supporting his new child with his wife’s blessing…if that were possible!
I feel for her.

Beyond all that, it’s Ground Hog Day and Super bowl weekend!
Punxsutawney Phil & Shubenacadie Sam saw their shadows today while the tie breaker, Wiarton Willy did not.
Either way if you believe in this myth, we’ve got 6 more weeks of winter coming up! Enjoy the chilly weather or the warm spells if we get any more!

As for Superbowl weekend: Not a football fan. More of a commercial fan, US versions. Here in Canada we get screwed by our networks and get lesser budget versions that can make you yawn!
Byonce, well, not a fan either but that doesn’t mean I have disdain for her music, just not the artist I’d like to see for the half time show. So its unlikely I’ll watch much of the Superbowl, if at all, this year! Although I will indulge in some chicken wings!

Have a great weekend all! And thank you once again for taking your time to give this blog a read! 🙂


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