My Own Words

I don’t consider myself a blogger but its been on my mind for awhile to try writing in this style rather than using twitter to tell my story, talk about my issues or things that interest me.
The Brian Burke news, alleged, motivated me to create this blog site so I could link it to my twitter account and share, what I believe, is a breaking sports news story. Whether the facts are true or not remains to be seen. As in all these matters, the truth comes out in time. As well, its intriguing that Burke was let go so suddenly citing a Luongo signing issue.
My experience tells me there’s more going on here than meets the eye. Its not just a signing deal issue! And now the info i just posted surfaced, not yet in the media but through the internet! What an awesome medium of communication!
Let’s wait and see and enjoy the idea that we may have found out first from a sports media insider.
Interestingly enough there’s supporting truths to the story. Here’s a link to Hazel Mae about her baby. Coincidence? You decide.


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