Hmmmm…Thoughts at bed time. Saved to Drafts?

Well by now you can probably tell I’m not a big blogger. My time is limited but I sometimes forget the discipline of sitting down and just writing stuff down.
Last night after shutting off my phone, I had a thought so i decided I’d write down. Turned on the phone & tapped it out. I saved it to drafts for the purpose of perhaps editing it or expanding on it.
Well, it turns out, it didn’t save! I did this once before and I noticed that draft didn’t save either! Or so I thought. I discovered you have to hit the refresh icon or update. Whichever its called. It wasn’t anything outstanding.
The second, from last night was a thought which was looking more like a poem for or about my wife.
I’m not going to crank that out now but I will say, I think our best thoughts and emotions come to us when we’re getting ready for sleep!
That happens often for me. If I took the time to tap them out I’d likely have a post every day or so!
That would probably make this blog more interesting.
My most profound thoughts and emotions come out at bed time when my mind is attempting to relax and drift off to LA LA land! I find though, it doesn’t want to rest as quickly as I do, so off it goes and reflects over the events of my day and the issues, concerns or stressfull moments of the day. Again I believe we all do that. Its something that’s been going on all my life!
I think when you’re unencumbered by the activities of the day you are able to harness your mental energies and do your best writing!
So…if you are stressed, moved by something significant. Grab a pen or turn on your phone write it down and put it out there! If you’re going to second guess yourself…make sure you save it to draft!
Paper doesn’t make the error of not cooperating! 

Have a great day all! :-)

What To Comment n Today?

Well, I’m here at work, doing the lunch thing now, as the majority of you are. Wondering what I should blog about today. Hmmmm….not much happening right now. Of course, there’s much going on in the world, Syria, Israel, Mali, Afghanistan, Iraq to name a few.

The ISS is zipping around the globe with the Canadian commander, Chris Hadfield, a proud moment for Canada & Canadians! You can follow him on twitter: @Comdr_Hadfield . He’s twt’g some awesome pics of the earth from space! Well worth the follow!
Beyond that, my lunch time is over so I’ve got to go.
Been a slice! Enjoy your day all!

Till the next post.

Thanks For The Views.

It’s no surprise that the majority of views come from Canada. It is a Canadian interest story.
Thank you all for taking a look.
I hope for Brian Burke’s sake and his family, the allegations aren’t true. He’s had a rough time of it with the lose of his son in a car accident and marital issues.
I will say, if true, I have no sympathy for cheating spouses. I can only hope he can repair the damage done within his marriage and move on, and honorably do the right thing by supporting his new child with his wife’s blessing…if that were possible!
I feel for her.

Beyond all that, it’s Ground Hog Day and Super bowl weekend!
Punxsutawney Phil & Shubenacadie Sam saw their shadows today while the tie breaker, Wiarton Willy did not.
Either way if you believe in this myth, we’ve got 6 more weeks of winter coming up! Enjoy the chilly weather or the warm spells if we get any more!

As for Superbowl weekend: Not a football fan. More of a commercial fan, US versions. Here in Canada we get screwed by our networks and get lesser budget versions that can make you yawn!
Byonce, well, not a fan either but that doesn’t mean I have disdain for her music, just not the artist I’d like to see for the half time show. So its unlikely I’ll watch much of the Superbowl, if at all, this year! Although I will indulge in some chicken wings!

Have a great weekend all! And thank you once again for taking your time to give this blog a read! :-)

My Own Words

I don’t consider myself a blogger but its been on my mind for awhile to try writing in this style rather than using twitter to tell my story, talk about my issues or things that interest me.
The Brian Burke news, alleged, motivated me to create this blog site so I could link it to my twitter account and share, what I believe, is a breaking sports news story. Whether the facts are true or not remains to be seen. As in all these matters, the truth comes out in time. As well, its intriguing that Burke was let go so suddenly citing a Luongo signing issue.
My experience tells me there’s more going on here than meets the eye. Its not just a signing deal issue! And now the info i just posted surfaced, not yet in the media but through the internet! What an awesome medium of communication!
Let’s wait and see and enjoy the idea that we may have found out first from a sports media insider.
Interestingly enough there’s supporting truths to the story. Here’s a link to Hazel Mae about her baby. Coincidence? You decide.

Brian Burke’s Suspected Reason for Being Released

From Ron Meeking.

Could there be some truth to this?


 … and so the scandals begin ….

I know some of you would enjoy knowing the real reason Brian Burke was canned, forwarded to me by a friend within the Press community:
Contrary to popular belief, the reason for Burke’s firing was not his willingness to pull off the Roberto Luongo trade. 
Brian Burke outside of hockey is somewhat of a Hound, akin to that of a white Tiger Woods..  Burke has been through two marriages, the latest of which is now on the rocks.  Combine this with the greatest of personal tragedies as his son announced he was Gay, only to be killed in a car accident shortly thereafter.  So therapeutically, Burke is now enjoying to the fullest extent what little time he has left by hopping into the sack with as many wayward Ditchpigs as possible. 
Rogers Sportsnet’s Hazel Mae certainly plays the field as well.  Her marriage to minor league baseball player Kevin Barker is widely regarded as a sham.  Her career took her to Boston where she was the Anchor Hog for The New England Sports Network and the Major League Baseball Network.  While there, she took the time to grease the poles of many of the Boston Red Sox players.   
Upon returning to Toronto in November 2011, she anchored Sportsnet Connected from behind her familiar glass desk.  She also worked well under the desk in her spare time, servicing several Toronto pro athletes. 
Well it didn’t take long for Brain Burke and Hazel Mae to hook up.  In the summer of 2012, Sportsnet removed her from the glass desk because she wouldn’t fit, insisting that she stand while on air.  The reason she wouldn’t fit is that she was pregnant.  She became so dishevelled looking as the summer wore on that Sportsnet sent her home while they decided how to handle the impending scandal. 
Scandal, you say?  Well yessirr……The father could have been any number of worthy candidates, but the lucky dad may well be our very own Brian Burke. 
So splashdown was back in December.  Hazel and Burkie have been at odds as to if, how and when to release the news.  Sportsnet still doesn’t know what to do with her.  On the other hand, new owners of the Toronto Maple Leafs in Bell Canada have little, if any, tolerance for egotistical. belligerent, sex-addicted senior executives and decided to eliminate the problem by gassing Burke.
When you think about it, this makes perfect sense.  It had nothing to do with any aspect of running the hockey team, by virtue of the fact that Dave Nonis and all remaining hockey management are Burke disciples.  They will take the club in the same direction as before.  All the Maple Leaf press conferences dance around the issue of Burke’s dismissal, because they can’t tell you the real reason that you now know.   
Eventually this may all become public.  And you can say you read